Package of Violife Feta


  • Polygonal model scaled 10:1
  • Consists of 5 separate parts
  • Has 5 UV maps
  • Has 6 .png textures in 1024 x 1024 size
  • Has 6 materials
  • The model’s resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency
  • No special plugin needed to open scene
  • Download files OBJ, FBX
– Vertices 11,400
– Edges 20,968
– Faces 10,342
– Triangles 20,684
– Blender 2.92+

High-quality and photorealistic 3D model will add detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. All textures are copied from the original product and processed in Photoshop. Textures with company logos are protected by copyright and cannot be used in your projects. Apply your own logo when using the model.

Package of Violife Cheese by Studio3dPackage on Sketchfab

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