About Us

Today, 3D modeling and visualization have become essential tools for creating packaging.

By ordering 3D visualization from us, you will see your packaging in 3D space from a completely different angle. You will observe every detail, color scheme, graphic design and make important design decisions before going into final production. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises and save your resources.

You can use 3D model in product presentations and marketing campaigns before your product even exists.

Our 3D models look realistic and natural. We achieve this effect by drawing each and every detail based on the type of packaging and product characteristics. We specialize in food packaging – sausage, meat, cheese and fish products, and package types – Vacuum, Shrink, MAP, EMAP, Skin, Traysealing, Flow Pack, Stretch Film, Thermoforming.

On our website you can find some of our models, see what elements these models consist of, as well as their technical specifications. All models have the necessary textures and UV maps. You will be able to change the color and design of the model materials in a matter of seconds, thereby creating your own design.

Please note – some models on our website are copies of existing brands. Make sure you change logo and design of the model before using it in your own project.

We really hope that our ready-made 3D models of packaging will be useful for your business and help you save time and resources.

You can buy any of the models by following the link in the description.

To order an individual 3D modeling and visualization project, contact us at otz3dmodeling@gmail.com